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Killin it!

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Wake and bake for u and ur blog 😤😤

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If anyone is down

hmu if anyone ever wants to meet up & smoke 

my moms just told me that we have to move to texas in 3 months and im pissed becuase 1)weed isnt legal there and 2)i live in colorado , the weed is the best down here , im not trying to move to texas and buy shit weed . Advice ?

damn that sucks sorry to hear that. i mean the best advice i can give you is when you get there just try to find a solid & reliable connect. But i guess that will depend on what kind of area you’re moving to. But I bet theres some really bomb weed in texas. I live in a small city but I always manage to find the best weed. Some times it really is best just to ask around. 

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